Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well it has been a great ten weeks. I have learned many new things that will help me along my educational and future occupational goals. I have learned that to do a research paper you must identify your reader, have an interest in your topic is helpful, find material that is reliable, back up all your statements, take notes with the references on them makes it easier, have an APA guide, know your deadline and set up research in many small time frames so you will not be doing alot before turning it in. All of this I would tell to someone that is trying to do a research paper.
I have enjoyed my class mates and my professor Barb very much. I wish all instructors were as clear in teaching as she was. And my classmates were very helpful in the DB. I think I spoke more to them than if I were in a traditional class room setting. Good Bye and Happy Holiday's to All , Ellen

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Help Help!!!!!!!

Hey, are there any bloggers out there? I can not get onto the kaplan webcite since 9pm tonite. It just gives me a run time error.
What do I do?
I have no other way to reach my professors or tech support. I am still waiting for tech support to pick up for the past 30 minutes.
I checked my emails and messages from kaplan and did not get any word about a shut down.
This is frustrating me!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Hello Bloggers, I want to say that if it can it will happen to me. My sister got sick, so we did not get to go to Gatlinburg this Saturday. That is just as well cause I was sleepy anyway. I can't seem to get enough of it when I am off of work. Sure I get Seven days off after seven days on of 11-12 hour shifts each. I seem to be just beet at the end of my on rotation. Maybe it would be different if it were not third shift. I wonder if it is just the night shifts draining my life out. I used to get up and look forward to work. But this year I only dread it. I work with many young and immature people who want to tell on you if they don't get their way. I am not popular cause I just tell them to shut up, do the job, or go home, that we don't need to be baby sitting them. Why can't they understand that we are there to do a job, just do it.
Oh ya, it is going to snow here in Tennessee tomorrow. How about where you are? My snow memories are of walking thru the snow knee deep and looking back at the steps I made and my blood that dropped as my mother yelled, "Come on Stupid". I had gotten my nose busted because my baby sister Edie would not put on her pants or pajama's for me. I was only 7-10 years old.
Well happy snow day to all of you!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Cold Air

Hey all, I want to apologize if my last blog upset any one. But it is my opinion and my beliefs.
This week my sister Edie, Kids (Tiff and Adam), and I are going to Gatlinburg to look at the Christmas lights and visit some family. She and I happen to have the same weekend off this week. And it is going to be in the 20's. We might go skiing while we are there also. I love the cold weather. My body hates it. I have RA and fibromialgia. So while mind is out there loving it my body is screaming for pain Rx's. Don't get the wrong idea that I am a prude from my last blog. I just have feeling on things that like I said are mine. I am happy for folks that have traditional gathering. I even partake if I get invited to a friends place. And I love holiday decorations. I love snow if I do not have to drive in it. I love giving gifts. A work I am the only one who does something for everyone each year, IF I can afford it.
 I love this stuff even without the special days.
Well I think it is time for my Rx's. I take about $2000 worth of them a month just to be able to walk, tie my shoes, hug my kids, button my pants, open doors, crank the car, and just about any thing else life throws at me. Can any one tell me why I might be a little bitter with life?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

ThanksGiving Day Meaning to Me

Hi all you crazy Bloggers Just what does Thankgiving mean to you?
I know the intended meaning of it. You are to share your bounty of a good meal with those you love. Or is it supposed to be with those less fortunate than yourself? I think the real meaning has gotten all mixed up. I grew up thinking it was a time to get together and have the young kids clean up after a good old family
"Drunken Brawl". I remember sitting in the woods just waiting for the big blow out. Me and my cousins would try to get in a good visit before all &*%% broke out. I don't think there was any of our Thanksgiving days that did not go as what I perceived as normal.
So as for my kids and me, this day, I tried to make it meaningful. Before I divorced we would cook together and sit down together and say a little about what we were thankful for. Now I really don't make a big deal of it. If we are fortunate enough to have money for a good dinner, I buy, cook, and we eat. And sometimes we opt to just go out to a place that is serving dinner like Ryan's. There is no tradition in my house any more. We just make sure that everyone knows that we love and appreciate each other. I am not sure why I don't care for  tradition. Maybe it is because I feel like it has no true meaning. That they are just going through the motions of what they are used to. Or do I just don't care. When I was in the Army I loved it. I did not have to think. They do all it for me. Sometimes I wish it was like that again. But it ain't.
Should I try? Does any one even care?
Oh well. See ya? Ellen

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unit 6 Post: Work Issues!

Have you ever felt like telling a co-worker that they are making your job harder just because of the way they do their job? Well, I am here to say "I HAVE".  How do people do it? I mean the way they are always saying what is on their minds. Even if it is a load of @@@@. I can't just say what I feel or think because I don't want anyone to think less of me or be angry with me. But I see people do it all the time. Is it just a self-esteem issue with me? Or am I just a wimp?
I am going to try to start speaking up at work. I know what the job is and I do it well. So when I see someone not doing what they are being paid to do, I will try to speak out. First, do you think I should ask them if they know what they are doing and if I could mention what could help them do a better job?
My director told me ,one time, when I was being ask what would I do to make the job go better that "Ellen everyone is not like you!" I still have not figured out if that was good or bad. I just told her that folks should find something to do that is related to work. If there is something to be done. I always do extra things at work and it is always to make it a better work environment.
I guess I am different, but I do know that I am going to become more opinionated when it comes to others not meeting me half way in the middle.
Would you worry what others think of you? Just because you want the work place more conducive to work!
Well, that is all I have on chest today. Until next time, Ellen signing out!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rainy Days! Chew Tabacco! With Grand Daddy!

It is a dark and rainy day today, this Monday 15th of  November.
I love rainy days. I remember sitting in the wood shed with my Granfather.
He was usually widling, and he always gave me a somewhat sharp knif, a peace of wood, and some of his Black Mariar chew taobaco.
I would usually end up sick. He would give me water and say, "You'll be ok Boy". Yes all my life he called me boy. Until When I was in the Army and I had a Baby girl, Savana. It wasn't until that day, when I laid her in his arms that he said to me, " Well, Ellen, You did a good job!" I don't know if he just didn't know I was a girl because I was a tom-boy or he just wanted a grand son to hang out with. I with I had him here now. He always made me see things as they where. He never wanted to fix my problems, he just told me how things happened to him. And I always got the answer to problems from his story.
Grand-Daddy, If you are listening I miss you and Grand-Mother sometimes so bad my heart hurts.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Post for Unit 5

I totally missed last weeks blog assignment. I thought my previous blogs on days we did not have to blog would count.
 I suppose I was wrong.
So let me cry on your shoulders.
My research paper is not going as well as I hoped it would by this point.
But what is new in my life.
Nothing goes as planned!! School is hard for me, but at the same time I enjoy it. I like to write. It just the reading that gets me sometimes, ya know.
Well I want to go to bed now. It is  2 am and I would like to be awake for tomorrow.
I think my kids feel abandoned since I took on the extra job. It only takes me out of town four days every three weeks or so. They are all of age, Over 18 so I hope I don't warp them. We need extra money for orthodontist and a fourth car. Any one got any tips for me? Just kidding I realize that parenting don't come with a hand-book.
 OK So TTFN Ellen

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well I have not been doing to well on my blogging! I got a  new job, it is with my sister Edie. I sit for her at her house. She has live-in handicap  personS.                                                                                                                                                         So When she and her husband are busy I step in and mind the house and it's occupants. I can only do that when I am not working in the lab, doing my Avon selling, or doing something with one of my three kids. Oh, ya, or doing my college work! I am bored so I think I will take up a hobby it is called::                                        KEEPING MY SANITY!!!! LOL!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Well I skipped a day of my blogging
but I reckon now is better than none. I am on my third day of work
and my feet are letting me know. I drank some tomato juice
and I think the acid in it is doing a number on my joints.
The doctor says that it has nothing to do with
my arthrits pain. But I beg to differ.
Have you ever worked third shift? It really is taking a toll on me.
It really hard to stay positive and motivated about any
thing when I hurt so bad and feel so tired!
But I guess this phase of my life
Well see ya later!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 2

Well, I figured out how to post and veiw my blogs.
So today I go back to work. I work seven days in a row.
Then I am off seven days in a row. And the bad part is my Hours
are 8pm to 7 or 8am. I have to make sure all the doctor ordered tests have been
collected. And if there are any recollects I like to get them also. Some nights are
better than others. I kinda have the run of the hospital. The only place I can't get into
is the custodial parts. Some times that upsets me because when I am not busy with collections I
like to clean our areas real good. Some of the cleaning staff does not do well in there cause they
get freaked out with all our chemicals and body parts. Its like Halloween all the time.
Ok, the END.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The first blog

Well this is Ellen. I'm just starting this blog thing and I hope I will keep learnin how to use it.