Monday, November 15, 2010

Rainy Days! Chew Tabacco! With Grand Daddy!

It is a dark and rainy day today, this Monday 15th of  November.
I love rainy days. I remember sitting in the wood shed with my Granfather.
He was usually widling, and he always gave me a somewhat sharp knif, a peace of wood, and some of his Black Mariar chew taobaco.
I would usually end up sick. He would give me water and say, "You'll be ok Boy". Yes all my life he called me boy. Until When I was in the Army and I had a Baby girl, Savana. It wasn't until that day, when I laid her in his arms that he said to me, " Well, Ellen, You did a good job!" I don't know if he just didn't know I was a girl because I was a tom-boy or he just wanted a grand son to hang out with. I with I had him here now. He always made me see things as they where. He never wanted to fix my problems, he just told me how things happened to him. And I always got the answer to problems from his story.
Grand-Daddy, If you are listening I miss you and Grand-Mother sometimes so bad my heart hurts.

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