Friday, October 22, 2010

Well I skipped a day of my blogging
but I reckon now is better than none. I am on my third day of work
and my feet are letting me know. I drank some tomato juice
and I think the acid in it is doing a number on my joints.
The doctor says that it has nothing to do with
my arthrits pain. But I beg to differ.
Have you ever worked third shift? It really is taking a toll on me.
It really hard to stay positive and motivated about any
thing when I hurt so bad and feel so tired!
But I guess this phase of my life
Well see ya later!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 2

Well, I figured out how to post and veiw my blogs.
So today I go back to work. I work seven days in a row.
Then I am off seven days in a row. And the bad part is my Hours
are 8pm to 7 or 8am. I have to make sure all the doctor ordered tests have been
collected. And if there are any recollects I like to get them also. Some nights are
better than others. I kinda have the run of the hospital. The only place I can't get into
is the custodial parts. Some times that upsets me because when I am not busy with collections I
like to clean our areas real good. Some of the cleaning staff does not do well in there cause they
get freaked out with all our chemicals and body parts. Its like Halloween all the time.
Ok, the END.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The first blog

Well this is Ellen. I'm just starting this blog thing and I hope I will keep learnin how to use it.