Sunday, November 28, 2010

ThanksGiving Day Meaning to Me

Hi all you crazy Bloggers Just what does Thankgiving mean to you?
I know the intended meaning of it. You are to share your bounty of a good meal with those you love. Or is it supposed to be with those less fortunate than yourself? I think the real meaning has gotten all mixed up. I grew up thinking it was a time to get together and have the young kids clean up after a good old family
"Drunken Brawl". I remember sitting in the woods just waiting for the big blow out. Me and my cousins would try to get in a good visit before all &*%% broke out. I don't think there was any of our Thanksgiving days that did not go as what I perceived as normal.
So as for my kids and me, this day, I tried to make it meaningful. Before I divorced we would cook together and sit down together and say a little about what we were thankful for. Now I really don't make a big deal of it. If we are fortunate enough to have money for a good dinner, I buy, cook, and we eat. And sometimes we opt to just go out to a place that is serving dinner like Ryan's. There is no tradition in my house any more. We just make sure that everyone knows that we love and appreciate each other. I am not sure why I don't care for  tradition. Maybe it is because I feel like it has no true meaning. That they are just going through the motions of what they are used to. Or do I just don't care. When I was in the Army I loved it. I did not have to think. They do all it for me. Sometimes I wish it was like that again. But it ain't.
Should I try? Does any one even care?
Oh well. See ya? Ellen


  1. Hi Ellen...when I was little (as in, 35+ years ago) I remember having HUGE family get-togethers for Thanksgiving. SO many relatives, tons of food, lots of jokes and stories being told...and when it was time to eat, my Grandma used to get SO MAD because she could never hold everybody's attention long enough to say "Grace". 'Course, if we let her ramble on, Grandma would turn a simple "grace" prayer into a half hour speech! Now that I've got kids and grandbabies of my own the only thing I'm insistant on is that we're together. I don't care if it's only for an hour...I want/need my family around me. We don't really have anything "traditional" that we do. We tried the "go around the table and say what you're thankful for" thing a couple years ago but that only ended up being a little too emotional and a few of us were blubbering idiots. To me, tradition has meaning...all based on what's expected and how it's perceived. ~Candi

  2. Ellen - what do your kids think? Do they remember Thanksgiving fondly? I agree with Candi - it's the being together and that can be challenging when divorce is part of the picture.

  3. Hey Barb and Candi. I suppose all the family stuff is great. My family is all just a big bunch of acoholics. Even the ones that claim to be christian and attend church on a regular basis. I am still a little bitter with all of them. I have been put on the street with three kids by four of my relatives ( never was told why). The ones that say they love Jesus. As my kids and I slept many nites in the vehicle our Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition began. It is just another day. I care and relish the ones I love and charish them without it being a certain day. I think to get together and pretend to love each other is just a put-on by most folks. I listen to my co=workers and it is not the love and fellowship they speak of at work, rather it is all the preplanning and hassle of shopping and their "wasted" time spent on a bunch of people who don't deserve it.