Saturday, November 13, 2010

Post for Unit 5

I totally missed last weeks blog assignment. I thought my previous blogs on days we did not have to blog would count.
 I suppose I was wrong.
So let me cry on your shoulders.
My research paper is not going as well as I hoped it would by this point.
But what is new in my life.
Nothing goes as planned!! School is hard for me, but at the same time I enjoy it. I like to write. It just the reading that gets me sometimes, ya know.
Well I want to go to bed now. It is  2 am and I would like to be awake for tomorrow.
I think my kids feel abandoned since I took on the extra job. It only takes me out of town four days every three weeks or so. They are all of age, Over 18 so I hope I don't warp them. We need extra money for orthodontist and a fourth car. Any one got any tips for me? Just kidding I realize that parenting don't come with a hand-book.
 OK So TTFN Ellen

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